Thursday, August 13, 2009

And the soreness continues!

Yesterday the guys played softball and my PT went to the game to do a little workout session with me, which lasted about 45 minutes! So it was not that bad because the moves we did helped my soreness go away but I had a REALLY bad back pain...

Well on the positive side I did almost all the moves we did on Monday and I was able to get threw all of them. Luis, my personal trainer, was so proud of me! and I was of course proud of myself! After the workout we stayed to watch the rest of the game then I went home to cook dinner... Yes it was late it was about 10:00 when we got home and we were so tired. I ended up making some fish that I left prepared with a little rice on the side. Yup carbs.. But like I said before its way better then eating Mcdees or Arby’s or any other fast food... right?

Anyways we had our dinner, waited for a bit and went to bed. I still kept getting these sharp lower back pains and told my hubby to give me a massage. When my hubby sees my lower back he was shocked and said I had a huge bruise in the middle lower part of my back.. I then remembered that in the pool when I was doing pull ups on the railing I hit my back pretty bad with the steps... So yeah it hurts with movements. It still hurts to get up or sit down.. But it doesn’t hurt as much as it did yesterday so that’s a good sign!!!

Today has been an ok day. My nephew/godson started school today and its been a pretty sad day for us here at work, missing him like crazy! But he is a big boy and we have to let go someday! Besides that breakfast was cereal this morning. We were in a hurry because we were running late. Lunch was Wendy’s: #9 that’s the chicken nuggets with a baked potato with lemonade. And dinner... well we will see? Maybe some chicken, who knows? It depends how the workout goes today.

Today’s workout will be in the pool again!
I will post details soon!

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