Saturday, August 15, 2009


So yesterday, Friday... We went to go workout with our PT @ the GYM. The GYM we went to is the ones inside the condo complex were out PTs aunt lives. We got there around 8 and the GYM was closing so we had to workout in the park. And what a great workout it was!!!!

We did so much more advanced moves. Things that I never in my life thought I would be able to do. Our personal trainer is really pushing us and I am so glad he is. I know each workout will get harder and harder and I understand that and I think I am ready for it too!!

After an hour workout we went to grab dinner. I had a #9 from Wendy's The chicken nuggets with a baked potato with chives and it was so yummy!!

I woke up this morning feeling like 100 bucks. I feel like I have lost 50 pounds! lol what a great feeling. The clothes are fitting me so much nicer I feel incredible in just one week. Monday is my weigh in but I honestly don't care how much I have lost because I feel it very much.

Like out personal trainer Luis said, even if we haven't lost anything we are toning our body's so maybe right now we might not lose but the inches are melting away and yes they sure are!!!

I am so happy right now. I'm about to go make a veggie lasagna and celebrate my doggies 6th birthday with a little meat cake I made for her.

As for exercises this weekend we are suppose to rest but my hubby wanted to at least walk today or tomorrow. Now sure yet when but I will keep it posted.


Thursday, August 13, 2009

And the soreness continues!

Yesterday the guys played softball and my PT went to the game to do a little workout session with me, which lasted about 45 minutes! So it was not that bad because the moves we did helped my soreness go away but I had a REALLY bad back pain...

Well on the positive side I did almost all the moves we did on Monday and I was able to get threw all of them. Luis, my personal trainer, was so proud of me! and I was of course proud of myself! After the workout we stayed to watch the rest of the game then I went home to cook dinner... Yes it was late it was about 10:00 when we got home and we were so tired. I ended up making some fish that I left prepared with a little rice on the side. Yup carbs.. But like I said before its way better then eating Mcdees or Arby’s or any other fast food... right?

Anyways we had our dinner, waited for a bit and went to bed. I still kept getting these sharp lower back pains and told my hubby to give me a massage. When my hubby sees my lower back he was shocked and said I had a huge bruise in the middle lower part of my back.. I then remembered that in the pool when I was doing pull ups on the railing I hit my back pretty bad with the steps... So yeah it hurts with movements. It still hurts to get up or sit down.. But it doesn’t hurt as much as it did yesterday so that’s a good sign!!!

Today has been an ok day. My nephew/godson started school today and its been a pretty sad day for us here at work, missing him like crazy! But he is a big boy and we have to let go someday! Besides that breakfast was cereal this morning. We were in a hurry because we were running late. Lunch was Wendy’s: #9 that’s the chicken nuggets with a baked potato with lemonade. And dinner... well we will see? Maybe some chicken, who knows? It depends how the workout goes today.

Today’s workout will be in the pool again!
I will post details soon!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Picture taken about 2 months ago:
I am very excited to start blogging my thoughts!
To start off this is something I am mostly doing for myself, I feel that when i can blog about my success and the things I am doing threw out the day with exercise activities will help me a lot. This way I won’t have to write the same thing over or say the same thing over to all of my friends LOL.

Almost all of my family and friends know that I am trying to loose weight so I decided "why not blog about how its going?" So about 2 months ago I set myself 4 personal weight loss goals. Here they are:

1st goal: Get out of the 300's
2nd goal:
Reach 280 (how much i weighed when I got married)
3rd goal: get to 250 pds (my half way point)
4th goal:
Anything that is close to 180 even if It was 200 I will be happy with

I started off weighing over 330 pounds. About 2 months ago I would step on the scale and the scale would read ERR because my scale would only go up to 330 meaning I was over that weight. As of this Monday August 10th I am at 303 pounds and so VERY happy that I am just 3 pounds away from my 1st goal!

My husband and I have been blessed to have such a great friend who is willing to help us exercise. His name is Luis and he is a personal trainer. Our 1st workout started this Monday and I have to say that it was so hard! I honestly thought that people who are over weight cannot do the things we did on Monday LOL but we stuck threw it and pulled it off.

1st day- Monday's workout:
- We took measurements which I have to ask my PT for to keep track of it here on my blog.
- We then did a very amazing stretch for about 15 minutes
- I was put to then do some very hard exercises like lunges, squats, leg press, knee kicks, side ways moves. Anything you can think of in rotating back and fourth for about 3 minutes each move with 5pd weights in each leg.
- I then was put to do other exercise on the benches like push ups, moves for my arms (front and back of arms) moves for the stomach.
- And finished with a great 15 minute stretch.
This workout took us about an hour and a half

Its was very draining. I don’t think I have ever worked out so hard in my life. I have never felt like puking after a workout and on Monday I did... but in the end we felt great.
After the workout the hubby and I went to do some groceries and then to get dinner. I was too tired to cook and it was already about 9:15 I know its a horrible time to eat so late but we ended up getting some subway and waiting until 11:30 to go to bed. I have heard that the key is to wait at least 2 hours after you eat to go to sleep.

2nd day of workout:
Waking up was so hard! Everything hurt from Monday’s workout but I sure did feel great!
I woke up and made a very nice breakfast of scrambled eggs, turkey bacon, toast and juice. My hubby has OJ and I drink my V8 juice. I do not like veggies I hate them. I was never taught to eat them and i have tried many different ways and can never enjoy it. The only way is mixing it with other foods. But the V8 juice had a full serving of vegetables and fruits for a day, so I believe this has really been helping my weight loss process. We also drink a glass of Herbal life energy mix “Herbal tea concentrate" (this really does give amazing energy).

The workout was done in the pool. We did a variety of exercises underwater for the legs for the arms; we did a lot of swimming in different routines. It was incredible. I never knew how hard water exercise can be! It was nice to stay cool in the water but It was still very hard!

The pool drained us in such a good way that we slept like babies. Of course we got home took showers and I made dinner. For dinner I made some spaghetti with wheat pasta and healthy choice sauce. I made for two portions and only ate half of mine and bought the rest for lunch today. I was surprised I automatically felt full and stopped eating! :)

Today August 12th:
Today started off very hard to get up from bed! LOL
I think the pool really worked us out and got us relaxed at the same time. It was hard to wake up and make breakfast so I decided to go on the easy side and just make an egg and toast sandwich with some cereal on the side and our normal morning juices.
Driving to work was dreadful, the hubby and I were so tired. I feel the soreness very bad today! Its hard to sit down it hurts to even walk.. My arms also hurt but nothing like my legs!

Today my hubby has a softball game so we cannot do our workout like we wanted to but we are going to walk once we get home. At least this way we took in some exercise for the day and he can go play softball and feel a little looser. That’s really all for today I will update more lately or tomorrow.